Why drug bans promote terrorism and harm your health – Mathias Bröckers

In the beginning was the drug offense. Eve and Adam took from the forbidden plant and were punished with expulsion from paradise. Theologians may argue that this is a too profane interpretation of the Fall, but if we take the story from the book of Genesis at its word, there can be no doubt that the forbidden fruit is a psychoactive, mind-altering plant – a drug – act. And it is equally clear that Eve and Adam were left in the dark about their qualities: The authority in the Garden of Eden had banned the plant because its enjoyment was supposedly deadly. With this noble lie – “noble”, because God per se has only the best for his creations in mind, and “lie” because it was disinformation – the whole dramaturgy of the story stands and falls.

For what would have happened if God had properly informed the inhabitants of Paradise about the “risks and side effects” of the preparation of the “tree of knowledge”? One thing can be said with certainty: Humanity would have been spared much trouble. Ms. Messrs. Bröckers has once again written an exciting and provocative book and will give a lecture on it.