Research Chemicals – Tibor Harrach

Also: Legal Highs or Herbal Highs are drugs that are offered as herbal mixtures, air fresheners, cleansers or bath salts. These products are mostly sold on the internet or in head shops. They often contain intoxicants, stimulants or similar chemical agents that are not identified on the packaging. Legal highs are consumed for intoxication. Some of the substances marketed as legal highs such as BZP, or mephedrone as well as the synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018, JWH-019 and JWH-073 have now been subject to the Narcotics Act in Germany. However, new substances (eg with methylenedioxypyrovalerone) are constantly being mixed together to circumvent the narcotic law. The health consequences as well as their effects are therefore not foreseeable for consumers.Tibor Harrach works as a lecturer at the Free University of Berlin at the Department of Pharmacy and is the only active German expert for questions of Salvia divinorum aktiv.Tibor Harrach studied at the Philipps University Marburg Pharmacy, followed by activities in pharmaceutical production and quality control at the Bayer AG in Leverkusen and biochemical and molecular biology research activities at the Free University of Berlin.He is currently dedicated to teaching at the Free University of Berlin in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and is an expert in court proceedings on the product status of entheogens. He has published several articles on ecstasy and other party drugs, mixed use and interactions between HIV drugs and partydrogen. Harrach is a longtime member of the state working group drugs (LAG drugs) of Alliance 90 / The Greens in Berlin and board member of Eve and Rave e.V. Berlin.