Psycholysis as a tool of love, new ways of subculture – Christoph Kahse

Psycholysis (or psycholytic or psychedelic therapy), so the use

of perceptually enhancing substances such as LSD, MDMA or psilocybin in the
Psychotherapy is experiencing an astonishingly recent after years of exile
Renaissance in international research. In practice, this form of
Therapy and self-exploration, however, worldwide for decades instead of in one
growing underground or officially in a religious context such as at the
Ayahuasca cult. The chances and risks of this method have long been of one
specifically interested subculture subjectively on their own away from the scientific
Mainstreams tried. “The Forbidden Way” – started in 2013 as a film project – has become
Under the heading “My soul belongs to me!”, the results of the
To pool and document experiences of this subculture.
However, some scientists are seeking social recognition
Admission of psycholysis as a form of therapy for the treatment of mental disorders
and as a help for the affected people to get out of their personal suffering
to free. Psycholysis, however, also goes beyond the pure purpose of therapy and
touches areas of human being that are not using
of a psychotherapeutic framework.
Psycholysis is not only a tool for curing problems, but also one
Tool for the unfolding of the untapped potential, for the unfolding
the love ability of otherwise healthy people.
Can this concern ever take root in society? Or would have to
On the contrary, the individual human being out of which society exists is one in itself
find a new center out of which love can work?