Non-Psychdelic entheogens – Kalliopi Tavoulari

Kambô, Rapé, Sananga and other indigenous medicine

The word “entheogen” is commonly used to describe substances that generate something divine inside and associate with substances that bring about extraordinary states of awareness in sacred ceremonies and rituals. Often these indigenous rituals are accompanied by other plant substances that facilitate these ceremonies.

Contrary to popular belief, however, many of the most potent and traditionally used substances, although they are entheogenic in their own way, do not lead to a psychedelic experience. They are rather medicinal plants, which promote the well-being of body and soul. They result in a sense of attachment to the earth and the surrounding elements and are also powerful plant derivatives with usually extraordinary medical potential.
In the lecture that follows, we will examine some of the better known helping entheogens, as well as rapé, the sacred snuff powder, kambô, the magical frog medicine and sananga, the “eye opener”.