Amphetamine (Speed) and the modern performance society – Hans Christian Dany

How an American pharmaceutical company makes legal billion dollar profits with amphetamine * | * historical / sociological view of a substance that children and soldiers get and that is also on the blacklist of officials as a popular party drug * | * The influence of the drug on the work of artists such as Judy Garland, Philip K. Dick, Jean Paul Sartre, Andy Warhol, Elvis Presley or Johnny Rotten.  Hans Christian Dany was born in 1966 in Hamburg. Artist, author, curator, consultant. Lives in Hamburg. Study of Free Art at the HfbK Hamburg. Since 1989 numerous publications in books, catalogs and international journals, i.a. in Springerin, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Texts on Art, Vogue, The Booty. Since 1991 regular exhibition participations, i.a. Kunsthalle Hamburg, Shedhalle Zurich, Kunsthalle Wien, Kunstverein Baden Baden. Founder and co-editor of various magazines.