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Star Morrison is a front line worker dedicated to providing accessible, compassionate and safe care for those still struggling with addiction. After 20 years of intravenous drug use, intermittent methadone treatment, institutions and conventional treatment centres, she discovered iboga and was able to release her dependency and begin deep healing. She was the subject of the first case study on ibogaine in Canada in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. “Remission of Severe Opioid Use Disorder with Ibogaine: A Case Report.” She began working with Ibogaine in 2014 and is devoted to supporting and facilitating profound and personal healing through the use of entheogens. She is currently working in a Northern Alberta treatment centre, supporting primarily First Nations individuals and their unique challenges. Trained by Elders from Blue Quills College Star is learning to fulfill the role of omanitew, or ally; it is her responsibility to enhance the understanding and application of indigenous healing practices while mitigating re-colonization through clinical practice. Traditional belief systems and ceremonies are used in conjunction with a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model. She graduated with a B.A. on the Dean’s list from the University of Western Ontario. Star specializes in peer support, post-iboga care, relapse prevention and is currently finishing her certification in Addictions Counselling.