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Fond of the psychedelic counter culture and art of the late 1960’s, he has cultivated one of the biggest psychedelic art
collections worldwide (4000 pieces). He has shown the collection over thirty times through various topics. His aim is to make The
Psychedelic Museum ideally in Paris, with values unleashing creativity, changing the way of consuming and conserving biodiversity. It will focus on society, spirituality, childhood, origins, music, cinema, and optic illusions. A multipurpose room will host live performances, concerts, lectures, screenings and includes a gallery, a museum store and bookshop, an organic café, and a space for creation.

Jaïs Elalouf is also the french pioneer of the Cinémix DVJ shows, he has given over 500 audiovisual concerts in 40 countries, produced 60 mash-ups that are modernizing the way we see fiction and documentaries in music videos. His new album is an „electro-documentary“ based on blossoming body, spirit & nature for a lucid awakening of consciousness and our reality, a change of civilization to transform human history. Interactive and immersive concerts (trio) so anyone can act : health, education, energies, democracy, environment, productivism, consumerism, humour and philosophy, finance, free-trade, well-being and conviviality, food & speciesism, patriarchy, metaphysics.

Topic 2016 : Psychedelic Art, esthetic, values, history, storytelling, with many examples from all countries, all mediums, 4000 BC of till 2016.

Jaïs Elalouf (aka Fred / Oof)
Ping pong / The psychedelic museum
Art, PR & events in Paris
Tel : +33 6 15 91 40 99

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