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In the 1970’s, he made custom-made Stereo & PA systems with OpAmp, analog & digital I/O system with LEDs, etc. at Psychic Lab. He became more interested in UFO and psychotronics than electronics after having his own psychic experiences and encounters. Psychotronics stands for the interdisciplinary study of the interaction of matter, energy, and consciousness.
He also worked with companies like BUG, ASC II, American Biotech, Sony America, etc., which liked his technology and interests.
In the 1980’s BUG tried to make Hokkaido a leading technology place for Japan. BUG’s idea was to develop a Techno park, work with Sony to develop Sony’s first personal computer’s Basic language, develop Computer publishing system for Dainihon publishing, etc.
In 1983, he developed brain wave interactive I/O system with Lisa computer (first consumer computer with human interface) and other computers such as Apple II, CPM, Rockwell.
In the mid 1980’s, Masahiro and Japan’s leading computer corporation „ASC II“ created „ASC II Laboratories“ to research new human-computer interface designs as Chief Lab Researcher. After that ASC II corporation created „Microsoft Japan“ which developed the world’s first Windows computer for NEC corporation, introduced in 1987.
In 1988 Masahiro started Psychic Lab Inc. in Japan, which lead to the developing of what would become the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA).
At the same time, he started to develop the IBVA as a consumer product with Random electronics Design in Tokyo, Japan.
Since then IBVA has attracted wide interest from large pioneering corporations, some of which were also interested in psychic phenomena applications.
In 1989 Masahiro moved to New York, where he met many colleagues involved in paranormal fields such as UFOs, Psychic phenomena, Crop Circles, Mars anomalies, and ancient archaeological mysteries.
In New York Masahiro worked with American Biotech to develop Mac version bio feedback system.
In 1990 he start design and develop “UFO, Psychic, Science Cover Up analyze hyper media system” with IBVA interface.
In 1991 he started Psychic Lab Inc. in New York. Started to ship original IBVA system for OS6 in April 1991. In 1993 he pioneered the study of brainwave experiments in the crop circles in the United Kingdom.
Started IBVA Tech with an IBVA user in New York to market the IBVA as a business.
In 1998 IBVA won a product award at the MacWorld Convention in New York.
In 2000 he worked with Sony America to develop brain wave active game interface, however the project was canceled at half-point after Sep 11, 2001.
2001 Start “waveUFO” brain wave interactive art project with Mariko Mori was succeeded 2003-2011 at 10 different city and country. this event was open brain wave interactive art technology to many people in the world.
In May 2002 Masahiro became American Citizen at age 51. In the same year he quit IBVA Tech.
Since 2002 he developed a new function of coherence in the IBVA, which shows visually how to synchronize the two sides of the brain. He demonstrated this technology at a natural medical international conference in Cape Town, South Africa, in March 2004.
Started to develop Bluetooth IBVA system with Random electronics Design and Kuwatec, Tokyo Japan, 2002.
Started to ship IBVA4 for OSX, May 2005.
IBVA4 Bluetooth system, May 2006.
IBVA4 V4.5.7 and Quartz Composer Brain Plugin for OSX10.5, Nov. 2007.
Start to ship BrainDJVJ Application for iPhone, end of January 2009.
In Oct. 2009 Start to make UK, EROPE, EU distributor agreement with IBVA UK, Luciana Haill.
In Sep. 2012 Start open brain wave interface hardware at Instructables / TechShop San Francisco.
In Oct. 2014 Start brain-duino MetaVolutiON project with Metamind in Berlin. Start ship brain-duino V0.1. Develop 24 bit AD board and libraries for brain-duino.