( de ) The Psychedelic Experience as a Denial of Service Attack – Joe Schraube

The usual dosage of LSD has changed significantly in the party and therapy scene compared to the early sixties. While speed, MDMA and similar party drugs tend to be overdosed, most users of LSD stay below the truly psychedelic I-blasting dose.
On the one hand, this is positive, because it has obviously gotten around that such trips are not necessarily “funny” or “nice colorful”.
On the other hand, this does not unfold the full potential of this powerful substance. The concept of psychedelic experience here stands in contrast to the psycholytic experience, which is worked with doses of (only) 60 to 120 qgr. To grope slowly from the bottom seems to be a good idea, but it can have a lot of disadvantages.
The “firewall” in front of our brain is highly intelligent and learns. Every psychedelic experience trains the defense. Those who want to leave the limits of their ego and human consciousness clearly behind can understand this as a “denial of service attack” against themselves.
“Denial of Service Attack” is a term from the computer world and describes an attack on the services of a server with the aim to destabilize this by overloading / flooding and to bring finally to the crash.
I will describe the experiences and the risks of such a psychedelic journey with this metaphor from the computer world.

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