Shamanic Trance and Buddhist Traditions – Sabrina Chetouani

From the Origin to the Present: Shamanic Trance and Buddhist Traditions

Abstract Shamanism, Spirituality and Imagination: Emergence and Effect – Mag. Sabrina Chetouani

This article deals with the topics of shamanism, spirituality and imagination and shows the origin of the concepts, the scientific discussion as well as their connections. Shamanism is a complex social phenomenon that involves various (cultural) ideas about life and death (cosmovision) and ideas about the origin of the universe (cosmogenesis), and has increased the scientific debate and the question of universal approaches. Imagination is relevant and does not only play a major role in shamanism. What is meant by shamanism and what role does a shaman play within a society? What does the term shamanic trance and what trance-inducing techniques are there in shamanic practices? These and other questions should be highlighted. The article also shows the development in the exploration of science and shamanism and, critically, can be seen as a mirror of Western thought. In addition, so-called contemporary spirituality and neo-shamanic developments are discussed. Here, the tendency, within secularized cultures, to address increasingly the access to shamanic views is sought.