Psychedelic experiences and the natural drug Kundalini – OWK Edgar Hofer

psychedelic experiences, spiritual maps and the natural drug Kundalini
Known in nondual and tantric circles, author OWK Edgar Hofer (“Tantric Enlightenment – Sex, Drugs & Meditation”) will speak in his lecture on Tantric practices “on the left hand”, which is not just classical yoga and meditation, but also the Use of sexual energy and mind-expanding substances. Not for nothing applies z.b. Hemp as the sacred plant of Shiva, and among other substances used by yogis and sadhus (“holy men”, wandering ascetics) have always been used for initiatory experiments and openings on the spiritual path to enlightenment. In this sense, yogis are among the very first and oldest, along with shamans Psychonauts. The handling of these experiences is a very conscious, is deeply therapeutic and opening. Courageous and inquisitive, it explores various spiritual planes and spaces, awakens energies (Kundalini), and finally integrates the experience more and more, as if in preparation for even greater spiritual initiations and revivals, which later go completely without such stimuli. Likewise, such substances are used as a door opener and considered, but with progressing time less and less and eventually no longer needed to achieve the same or even higher states of consciousness stable – and free of any dependencies. In the end, to establish that the whole journey, the whole life from beginning to end as “psychedelic” OWK Edgar Hofer born in 1963, is the author of several non-fiction books on the subject
Enlightenment and Kundalini as well as founder and operator of various Internet forums on Indian philosophy Advaita. As a satsang and tantra teacher, he gives seminars and retreats in the German-speaking area and on the Atlantic island of La Gomera. In 1998 he experienced a profound transformation, self-dissolution and self-discovery while he was a “dropout” and “seeker of spiritual truth” through India
was on the way.