Entheogens as chemical weapons – a successful development – Dr. Ing. Jochen Gartz

Entheogens (hallucinogens, psychedelics, psychotics, psychotomimetics, etc.) already indicate with the names that the most diverse groupings in history have gained control or application of the special substance class. Mention is made here of intelligence and, on that basis, military use, which has been widely explored. Dole derivatives, mescaline derivatives and atropine analogues are named as well as synthetic opiates.
The history of the possible application is not yet over and could also gain importance inland in different states in the Zulauge.

Dr. Jochen Gartz works as a chemist and mycologist. He is known for his studies on psilocybin mushrooms. He studied chemistry in Merseburg and later researched at the University of Leipzig. Jochen Gartz, born 1953 in Mansfeld, studied chemistry, then worked as a research assistant in higher education. Dr. Gartz operated industrial research (synthesis and analysis of drugs) and in the early 80s, inspired by several unwanted psychotropic intoxications in the Berlin area, turned to the study of ingredients of higher fungi.
With more than 100 publications on biochemistry and mycology of various species of fungi, i.a. in “Planta Medica”, the “Tintling”, “Entheogenic leaves”, the “Journal of Mycology” and a large number of other journals and as the author of the books “Fool sponges”, “Salvia divinorum – The fortune sage”, “Magic Mushrooms Around the World “(1996),” Teonanácatl: A Bibliography of Entheogenic Fungi “,” Hallucinogens in ‘Socialism’ “,” Hallucinogens in Historical Writings “,” Psychoactive Mushrooms “,” Magic Mushrooms “and other books. Gartz is one of the key researchers in the field of natural hallucinogens.