Consumption of Psychoactive Substances – Risk and Vital Danger – Dr. Ing. med. Gernot Rücker

Large events often lead to mixed, unselected consumption of psychoactive substances. Certain substances tend to affect consciousness, respiration or circulation to such an extent that the consumer is exposed to the danger of death. The lecture gives an overview of which substances are currently relevant, which are regularly associated with high risk and when medical intervention must be made to avert danger.

Dr. med. Gernot Rücker works at the Rostock University Medical Center as Senior Physician of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy in the field of Emergency Medicine and Simulation. The book author and multiple award winners in teaching and research are heading the emergency medical research group there. For several years, he has been investigating the use of psychoactive substances at major events in the field of emergency medical care, among other projects.
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