Be not afraid of hemp – Mathias Bröckers


Why more than 20 years after the “Hemp Bible”, the “Rediscovery of the crop Hemp” again a plea for the legalization of hemp? Because the last two decades have not only further confirms the outstanding medical and ecological properties of cannabis, but also the absolute uselessness and harmfulness of cannabis prohibition. Although the number of criminal investigations wg. Hemp has since the early 80s, more than quadrupled (to over 130,000 procedures last year), the number of users has more than doubled. The “war on drugs” is still performed primarily against hemp and nourishes his multibillion-dollar apparatus still with fear propaganda. Just as the “Church of Fear”, the Prohibition apparatus received his inefficient and irrational billion dollar business still maintained: through constant demonization of the “enemy” and the incantation that open the gates of hell at a legalization. “You are not afraid of hemp” countered these horror stories with hard numbers, facts and figures – and shows why it is high time to say goodbye to the heresy of Prohibition and the conclusion of peace in the “war on drugs” must start with cannabis.

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