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Svea Nielsen is a psychologist, with a master in ethno-psychiatry. Hence her passion for
finding solutions in the cultural and spiritual roots of her clients. She worked for many years in
psychedelic help services in festivals, like the Kosmicare at Boom. She is one of the editors of
the Manual of Psychedelic Support, a book on how to set up such services (visit here for free e-book or MAPS store for hard copy). Ten years ago, she had been
advocating for Iboga research in her country, Switzerland. So, when she decided to focus on
the therapeutic uses of psychedelics a few years ago, the sacred wood naturally called her
again. She is now working with Iboga in Chile, where she lives half of the year, and advocating
for it in Switzerland. She has been trained by « Being True to You » (see Deanne Adamson) to help people prepare for and benefit from their experiences with psychedelics. She is also currently taking part in trainings with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Her presentation will focus on the preparation and integration aspects of Iboga treatment, also
referencing other experienced providers who generously shared their knowledge with her. Svea
has always been fascinated by “God’s pharmacy”, nature, and she will talk about
orthomolecular medicine and other sacred plants to prepare and restore the body and the
brain. Finally, she will also discuss the importance of relocation and long-term coaching as
musts for success.