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Deanne Adamson, founder and president of Being True To You, provides addiction recovery, and psycho-spiritual coaching, with preparation & integration services surrounding treatment and transformational experiences, such as entheogenic therapies like Iboga/Ibogaine. Deanne has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling, and has worked within the judicial and medical systems, but has found her passion working in the alternative holistic service sector.

Deanne started this mission with  Being True To You in 2010, and has been providing transformational coaching services ever since, mostly to people through addiction around their ibogaine or iboga experiences. With much success and the growing demands, Deanne started certifying recovery & integration coaches 4 years ago, with a growing network of highly trained integrative specialists around the world.

Deanne’s mission is to elevate the standards of care, support, and guidance for people going through addiction or other forms of suffering, and to use these personal conditions as a launching pad for awakening, transformation, and self-realization. Deanne sees the role that entheogens play and how valuable they are to the transformational process. The philosophy of Being True To You is that, the people who have suffered the most, carry the power within to transform the collective, starting with personal transformations.