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Danesh Oleshko, is master of international laws and graduate student of counseling psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). In 2012 he co-founded Living Clean Ibogaine; the residential therapeutic aftercare program, that specializes in post-detox rehabilitation.

Emphasizing the role of multidisciplinary therapeutic team, family-systemic and integral approach to recovery, the therapeutic model of LCI also incorporates ceremonial and therapeutic use of Yage (Ayahusaca) in collaboration with doctors of traditional medicine from Putumayo region of Colombia.

Danesh believes it is important to address addiction as complex biopsychosocial issue that calls for comprehensive therapeutic support and social re-integration as essential to any Ibogaine-assisted addiction treatment. This approach focuses on client’s needs, which inform therapeutic goals and necessary phases of recovery: from detox and inpatient care to family participation and long-term outpatient support.

His presentation will address the following topics:

What are the central themes, i.e. integral principles of the post-Ibogaine aftercare? What pitfalls to avoid in post-Ibogaine recovery and how is it different from conventional addiction rehabilitation?

How can the framework of therapeutic aftercare reflect contemporary conceptualization of addiction as attachment disorders and coping with the effects of trauma? What makes family therapy indispensable aspect of recovery? When and if to introduce Ayahuasca ceremony and how it improves the treatment outcomes?

Finally, Danesh’s intention is to suggest the parameters for collaboration between the clinics and aftercare programs.